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Handicap Guideline

The prerequisite in participating in SEDGA Handicap Tournament,
which is an add-on tournament, is you must provide a documentation
of your official handicap index of your playing history under the
provisions of USGA. You can use GHIN (short for Golf Handicap
Information Network), GolfNet, or any handicap index system that
is affiliated with USGA. For example, a documentation of your
handicap index from GHIN is pictured below:


Your third party handicap index from other organizations or
scorecards from your previous rounds not recorded in your handicap
index system will NOT be accepted. The reasoning for this is to
provide a level playing field matching your skill level against
other golfers for the handicap tournament.


If you have GHIN number, please provide your GHIN number to your
SEDGA handicap chairperson.If you have an official handicap index
other than GHIN that is approved by USGA, please take a screenshot
and email to your SEDGA handicap chairperson.